The polypropylene

"I found only the way to line up the molecules like soldiers on a parade" - Engineer G. Natta

Without the discovery of Polypropylene, by the work of Eng. Natta, maybe Liod wouldn't exist ...

Our history began in 1954 with the discovery of Polypropylene (whose technical abbreviation is PP), thanks to Eng. Giulio Natta director of the Institute of Industrial Chemistry of the Milan Polytechnic, on behalf of Montecatini.
It was on 11 March 1954 that prof. Natta wrote on his agenda "Made polypropylene" and since then began studies and applications in countless fields.
And after few years (in 1963) he was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry together with prof. Karl Ziegler.

The road in the clothing field, however, was uphill, due to the impossibility of dyeing, dry cleaning or ironing polypropylene.

It was the year 1986 when Eng. Scotti, with his technical studies conducted at Delebion, opened a company specialized in the production of polypropylene: his name was Reziafil.
From there plenty of studies and experiments were done on polypropylene, so much that Eng. Scotti presented himself with a cutting-edge report at the International Congress of Textile Fibers, which takes place annually in Dorbin, Austria, entitled:

Polypropylene studies showed:

  • high abrasion resistance
  • no absorption of liquids, stains, dirt
  • ease of washing
  • color fastness
  • thermoregulation


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