Why choose Liod

LIOD fabric is made of 100% Polypropylene with an exclusive manufacturing.
The yarn, for its indisputable advantages, has been chosen among other fibres in those countries (such as Northern Europe and USA) where the problems of adverse weather and temperature are most felt.

The main characteristics of LIOD fabric are:
1. Heat retention
2. Ability to reject liquids
3. Drying speed
4. Lightness
5. Dirt resistance
6. Hypoallergenic
7. Ecological
8. Abrasion resistance
9. No Pilling (the annoying dots that you usually see on jumpers)
10. Duration over time
11. Cost

Let's see the details:

1 Heat retention

It is the fundamental characteristic that everyone looks for when searching for the so-called "thermal clothing".
Have you wondered at least once "what does it really mean to retain heat" and "which fibres keep warmer"?

The thermal insulation of a fabric depends on the amount of air trapped between the fibres and this is connected to the construction of the fabric itself: the more fluffy a fabric will be, the better its thermal insulation capacity will be.

LIOD carries out a particular and exclusive process that makes the fabric "more hairy".

Warmth Liod 100% polypropylene

For this reason, LIOD fabric is able to retain heat like wool and is better than other fibres such as polyester or nylon, which are now very popular on the market.

2 Ability to reject liquids

During sports and work it is necessary to always stay dry to avoid sudden changes in temperature and diseases. LIOD clothing line does not absorb liquids, but rejects them.
That's exactly what happen with sweat: the humidity is taken outside and away from skin and also from LIOD shirt.

Liod Liquids rejection fabric

For that reason LIOD clothing line is recommended in summer: the fabric (worn closed to skin) will always keep the skin dry giving a feeling of freshness and well-being.

3 Drying speed

The drying speed of LIOD line is greater than all the listed fibres. Therefore it is well-recommended for camping, hiking, traveling, but also for staying at home.
Liquids absorption polypropylene


It is the first item that gets dry among all the others on your drying rack...and you won't even have to iron it!

This is very convenient and important. A special hint: you can wash the garment in the evening to have it ready for the next morning!

4 Lightness

Polypropylene has a really low specific weight: 0.91.
You will ask yourself "what does this mean?".
Simple: lighter!
A normal polyester shirt weighs on average like 2 LIOD shirts. Useful when you need to prepare your backpack or hand luggage, remaining below a certain weight or volume.

Specific weight polypropylene lightness

Yes, even the volume is minimal. Just think that our clothes are all folded in Liod boxes to be transported more easily!

5 Resistance to dirt

LIOD garments do not bind chemically with other substances, so the dirt does not penetrate the fibres capillary, but remains on the surface.
For its cleaning, just use very little detergent and a low temperature to get a clean and bright colour.
30°C is more than enough to have a clean garment (the maximum temperature for shirts and pants is 60°C without altering their characteristics). Anycase, please refer to the product description in our website to get the correct information.
What we've already wrote, allows you to save on your bill and to pay attention to our environment and its future.

An important note that will shock you:
white always remains white, it will not become yellow or grey. It is enough to refresh it occasionally with hand wash and soap, using hot or cold water to always have it as new.

In general, LIOD garments do not lose colour or absorb it during washing. You can safely put clothes of different colours in the washing machine without any inconvenience or surprise.

It is resistant to mold and bacteria, brackish water and even battery acid!

6 Hypoallergenic

Due to chemical nature of Polypropylene, LIOD garments do not cause allergic phenomena on skin or mucous membranes, even in particularly sensitive individuals.
It is often recommended for those people suffering from psoriasis or allergies to dust.

7 Ecological

The production of this fibre is absolutely ecological! In fact, it does not give rise to any type of pollution, neither chemical nor thermal.

The mass dyeing colouring system, in which ECOLABEL certified dyes are used, is the only one that allows you to do without dyes (used by all the other fibres). This allows you to have absolutely no coloured waste waters, which are highly polluted.

We should pay attention to the washing method described above in the "dirt resistance" paragraph.

There may be waste both in spinning and in the package, but they are 100% recyclable.

In this regard, we would like to point out that LIOD, very sensitive to this aspect, was awarded the ECOPRODUCT award by the Lombardy Region.

8 Abrasion resistance

Very tenacious to breakage and stretch, qualities that remain unchanged even when wet, unlike what happens to other fibres.

9 No pilling

LIOD line is very resistant to rubbing and use, but in particular it will not give pilling problems since it is a continuous fibre.

10 Duration over time

Unfortunately for us, but luckily for you, LIOD clothing is more resistant over time than other materials.
The characteristics will remain unchanged for its entire duration, which has been estimated around 15/17 years (of course respecting the maintenance instructions).

In 2009 (LIOD's 20th birthday) we had the pleasure of meeting some of our first customers with their first shirts branded LIOD. Still perfectly usable and still in shape!

11 Price

For some people it may seem expensive initially, but by making a simple mathematical formula you will find that saving is actually in front of you:

a cotton shirt costs € 20.00 and you'll keep it for just 1 season: final cost € 20.00
a Liod shirt costs € 37.00 and lasts for a minimum of 10 years: final cost € 3.70

In addition, Liod gives you the opportunity to save time and efforts:

  • avoiding ironing
  • consuming less water and detergent
  • keeping you warmer, which means a lower temperature to set on your heater

Liod clothing is suitable for sports, practically for everyone, for city life and for daily use as underwear.

Often used for working and especially for those who carry out outdoor activities, it is the finest material to feel comfortable and dry at the same time.

We also recommend our products for daily use, their comfort and practicality are also ideal at home, by wearing them you can lower the heating during the winter, always remaining warm and dry, an excellent thing from an economic and health point of view.

Its importance is well-know during and after practicing sports, when the person stops and remains still.
Even if sweaty, LIOD fabric brings humidity outside and away, leaving a dry sensation on the skinand therefore immediately warm and not wet, avoiding the risk to be in the middle of current of cold air.

It is also an excellent material for children, who are always on the move, sweating and many times even "uncovered". Its modeling allows to have both the back and the abs always covered. You can also use it as pajamas, without the thought of getting up to check if your kid is covered at night.

We shouldn't forget the elderly who are at home reading, watching television or spending times doing their favourite hobbies. In this case the movement is sometimes zero, and a slower metabolism can lead them to feel always cold. The LIOD garment line will assist them in retaining heat and giving a special comfortable clothing line, that they have never tried.

Last but not least is the matter that you are buying a product entirely MADE IN ITALY, since it is the only one totally produced in ITALY FROM THE SAME COMPANY, FROM THE FABRIC TO THE FINAL ITEM more precisely we can assert that it is - ALL ITALIAN CHAIN OF PRODUCTION.
Finally our advice is: try it on!

The best way to convince someone is to test it. Then, you'll be able to talk about positive aspects with your friends and mutuals and amaze them by describing your experience.
Skinwear for specialists means that it's not only to wear on your skin, but “for your skin”.