Santiago di Compostela

Santiago de Compostela

Spring and summer are the best seasons to go hiking and walking.
One of the most famous walking tour is Santiago de Compostela.

If you are interested to know what to wear, having a lightweight backpack, well Liod can help you.
Read more on how to prepare your backpack, saving space and especially having all the necessary to stay on a month-tour!

Liod advises practical and comfortable clothes, like the short sleeves shirt Liod Abaska, or the long-sleeves Liod Luavik, both lightweight and easily washable. Hand-wash in evenings to have them ready for the next day. This lets you have a lightweight backpack with all the necessary to change the next day.

Windproof jackets Liod Ciorni-Ciort (sleeveless), Liod Ciort and Liod Fulmine, are often used to have a light/medium jacket to wear in case of emergency. When not used, it could be easily folded up and put in tha backpack, without filling it. In fact Liod Ciort weighs only around 510 g!

Even lightweight pants Liod Sukoi or the hevyweight one Liod Gripp, could be worn everyday as outer layer when walking or as pyjiamas (even in the most humid regions).

Walking under the sun for the entire day, require a light socks that at the same time can absorb shocks: Liod Cevedale in only 54g will wrap you feet, leaving it breathing and never wet. Sizes ara available up to 46 (Italian shoe size) in the long (under your knee) or short (over the ankle) design.

And last but not least: men and women underwear! A plenty variety of underwear and boxers and breathable and comfortable bras Igloo or Malina will let you always dry.


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