Liod is not only for sportsmen, but also as workwear

Liod clothing is versatile and can be used in any work environment.
For example, if you work outside or are subject to sudden changes in temperature , if you work in cold storage or are simply in the office , you can wear the Abaska shirt as thermal underwear and the Kearsage shirt as a second layer.
To complete, the light Sukoi trousers or the heavy Gripp trousers are also added (depending on the temperatures and cold that each person feels).
Let's not forget the most important part: the socks . Over the years, Liod has developed a wide range of socks that are soft to the touch and have an almost imperceptible elastic . Yes, forget the famous elastic marks on the legs, because in the Cervino / Adamello and Ortles / Cevedale socks it's almost as if you can't feel it.
Furthermore, if you have a company you can request an invoice (at the same time as the order, also send your billing information - VAT and address) and possibly customize your Liod garments with your company logo. Contact us to discover the infinite possibilities!

Corporate benefits

If, however, you want to reward your collaborators, you can always request Liod Gift Cards as part of Corporate Welfare . We remind you that up to €258/year, benefits are not subject to taxation and for those who have dependent children this year the limit has been raised to €3000/year. Ask your advisor for advice and call our customer service for information on available denominations and how to receive them.

An original idea that they will surely appreciate!



For any information our customer support is available on 0342.614622 or via message.
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