Liod e i raggi UV

UV rays and Liod garments

It is now known to all that life in the open air brings with it benefits: one of them is that exposure to the sun allows our body to absorb vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that the European population is insuffient in it, therefore supplements are used to reach the daily needs. To counteract this gradual decrease in vitamins, experts recommend to spend more time outside and do physical activity (as well as the simple gesture of walking) to improve oxygenation of the brain and tissues.

Although sun rays are vital for humans, at the same time they are harmful if exposure is continued without adequate protection. In particular, our eyes and our skin must always be protected with sunglasses, sunscreen and clothing. This is especially recommended for children and people with lighter skin tones, as they have greater risks.

Therefore it is necessary to protect yourself properly.

Liod clothing made of 100% polypropylene, in addition to being hypoallergenic, is also suitable for obtaining effective protection from UV rays.

Liod has asked a Laboratory to tests its thermal clothing line to evaluate the effectiveness of protection from UV rays.

Below you can read the results obtained from the CENTROCOT laboratory (Cotton Textile Center - in Busto Arsizio)

- 577 GREY: 30 UPF

- 545 BLUE: 50+ UPF

- 567 GREEN OTAN: 50+ UPF

- 580 BLACK: 50+ UPF

Liod UV test on clothing


Liod test raggi UV sull'abbigliamento

UPF ranges:

15-24 = Good protection

25-39 = Very good protection

40-50 e 50+ = Excellent protection

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