The importance of having the right equipment is essential to face one or more days in the open air. Liod and its thermal clothing line for children and teenagers, guarantees breathability and heat retention at the same time.

Wearing the short-sleeves Abaska baby shirt as the first layer, the child will immediately feel the difference, compared to normal polyester shirts.

Furthermore, one of the many advantages is that Liod weighs 50% less than other similar products on the market. The backpack will therefore be lighter to carry!


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The ideal is to create the combination of several layers in order to respond to the climatic needs of the moment:

  1.     Abaska baby short sleeve shirt
  2.     Luavik baby long sleeve shirt (round neck) or Kearsage baby (with collar and zip)

Usually the sweater with the zipper is more comfortable, because it has a collar and especially in case of heat, it can be opened, while leaving arms covered.

What about legs? We recommend the long trousers Gripp baby that can be cut at needs, as it does not stretch and does not slip off. If your child is already in the adult sizes, then he/she will also find the Kodiak shorts available, which he/she can use as underpants.


... and for accessories?

Liod offers a wide range of polypropylene accessories:

but above all, the very comfortable Cloud blanket made with a layer of 100% polypropylene Liod fabric and a waterproof layer is the one you won't miss. Its use goes from the classic picnic blanket, up to use it in a tent or as a coat in case of sudden rain (emergency).

We summarize below the advantages of using Liod thermal clothing:

  •     Lighter backpack: shirts weigh -50%
  •     Often used as a pajama at night: 2 products in 1
  •     Easy to wash by hand with soap and water: essential for multi-day trips
  •     Quick-drying
  •     It has heat retention like wool, but is thinner

>> If you want to see the product selection for Scout Liod, click here.


... what are you waiting for? You just need to try it on and test it on your own! Don't forget to share your photos with us on Instagram and Facebook (with everyone's consent of course)! #liod

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