Children book - Sila, Miki and Agata

Liod has been involved in the front line during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. The production of masks has engaged us for months, to serve all of Italy and abroad.

The idea was born in those moments of great concern and the author wanted to explain easily to children what we were facing. The main characters of the adventure are all animals: Sila, Miki and Agata.


Libro illustrato per bambini: Sila, Miki e Agata


An educational book to explain in a clear and simple way how to protect yourself and how to relate to others, following the basic rules for living with others

Inside the book, the fantastic illustrations will frame the story, involving even the youngest readers, who are still learning the vocabulary.

The book is available in Italian or English and is a useful tool to enrich foreign language skills for even the oldest (11-13 years old).

Find out the details about the Project on the dedicated page.

A curiosity: the main characters have the names of our Alaskan Malamute Sila (Cila), Miki and Agata, names that we usually use to identify the sleeveless shirt Liod (Cila), the caving suit (Miki) and the women's fleece (Agata).

Oreder now online or buy it in shop.

At the end of the book there will be a surprise for the children! Want a hint? Get ready for a photo!

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