Are you looking for an alternative path for your sport ?
Did you know that in Valtellina an asphalted cycle-pedestrian path has been created that connects Colico to Bormio for a total of 114 km of itinerary.

The Valtellina Trail was born as a cycle-pedestrian path for enthusiasts and amateurs who wish to practice sports in peace, away from traffic.
The route, mostly flat, also allows families with small children to spend a peaceful day immersed in the provincial landscape.
Liod has travelled from Morbegno to Colico (Distance: 20 km - Difference in altitude: 25 m) and here we share our adventure.

It is very important to be well-equipped:
- in spring/summer we wore the light Kunge shirt or the Kilaq tank top, the Kodiak shorts (depending on the day) or the Sukoi long pants. Obviously Legnone light socks, Fulmine windproof jacket to be protected against the wind and Ice headband. Lightweight Finn men's briefs and Yoki women's briefs and Malina bra.
- in autumn/winter: we recommend to wear more layers. First you can start with Abaska and/or Kearsage shirt, Fulmine windproof jacket, Gripp or Kiri pants and Cevedale medium weight socks. Windproof gloves cannot left at home ( Wintex gloves or Nak ), as well as Brina beanie (alternatively the Ibur headband). Kemo men's heavyweight briefs and Kimi women's briefs and Malina bra.

Don't forget to bring a water bottle with you and make a stop at a grocery store to pick up a fresh sandwich to fill with fresh Valtellina bresaola and dairy cheese.

You can find the complete route, traced by us, directly here !

We have indicated the rest areas, playgrounds and fountains to fill your water bottles.

Some playgrounds are equipped with sports equipment ("Health trail") suitable for adults and children; other areas are more suitable for small kids and are equipped with swings and slides. In any case, you can always stop in the areas equipped with tables and benches; consuming your packed lunch and recharging your energy.

During the journey you can stop several times to admire the landscape and of course to take pictures! It will be a beautiful memory of a day spent outdoors, immersed in the mountains that ends with a wonderful lake view!

As you advance towards your destination, you will certainly come across herds of animals grazing in the open air: horses and cows are never lacking!

Now we're just waiting to see the photos on social media...obviously with #liod!

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