Liod has been among the firsts in Italy to convert its production from technical clothing to civil masks.
It was exactly in February 2020 that the company perceived the need of people to have civil masks for daily operations.
We therefore developed the first models of adult masks in 100% polypropylene, consisting of two layers of Liod fabric usually used for thermal clothing.

Mascherine Liod ipoallergeniche

Liod Masks - available online - are washable and reusable several times.
Elastics lock the mask to prevent it from moving.

Thanks to the numerous appreciations and feedbacks (especially from mothers), we have developed a children's line, in two sizes: 4 and 10.

The available patterns are different and all visible in the product page on our website.

Liod mascherina piccola da bambino

The resistance and lifetime of these masks over time is undoubtedly remarkable, not to mention that it leaves the skin dry, without creating the so-called "Sauna effect" that you usually have with other masks.

Due to the arrival of beautiful days and temperatures rising, we have introduced a new product in the Liod family: the Magnum masks, light and comfortable, made of polyester and elastane.

Mascherina leggera estiva

The differences with Liod mask?

  • single seam from the nose to the chin
  • it weighs only 5 grams
  • suitable for adults
  • made of Polyester and Elastane
  • it can be washed for up to 20 washes
  • it can be customized with your company logo

We remind you that those masks are for civilians, so they do not replace surgical masks or FFP2 or FFP3.

For more details visit the product page and if necessary, contact us for advices.

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