Allergia al polline?

Allergic to pollen?

By temperature increasing and the end of well-defined seasons, we are seeing a phenomenon of constant allergies.

It is estimated that by 2030 approximately 35-40% of Italians will suffer from allergic rhinitis and children, who have an immune system still in the developing phase, will be even more subject to these changes.

To protect yourself from inhaling allergens, you can wear masks and prevent the phenomenon, as explained by Professor Canonica (1):

Since the end of the pandemic, there has been an explosion of respiratory allergies, thanks to the reduced use of masks, which for a long time had a protective effect from the inhalation of pollen, allergens, viruses and pollutants.

In the Liod online catalog you can find different models of masks, all hypoallergenic and breathable .

Our masks are produced in polypropylene fabric (double layer), so you have the possibility of washing and wearing them without polluting the environment with unnecessary bags of waste. Furthermore, the children's size fits even for small faces, withoutcausing irritation or excessive sweating . Our masks are supplied in a three-piece kit, inserted in a special bag, to have less contamination during order preparation and transport.

For the hottest days you can try the Aria adult mask , made of 100% PP Liod light fabric (e.g. Kunge).

For stronger allergies, we recommend the Terra Liod mask, made with Abaska fabric, which allows you to breathe, without having the constant nose or throat irritation.

For younger children we recommend the Micro mask, which is made of a double layer: 100% PP (in contact with the skin) and 100% CO with a nice animal or floral pattern.

In the product page you can find all the necessary technical information and the tests conducted. For any information you can contact us directly.

(1) Assosalute-Federchimica press release dated 03/19/2024 - RESPIRATORY ALLERGIES Will it always be spring? By 2030 almost 40% of Italians will suffer from allergic rhinitis and will have to live with it all year round
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