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Cod. gift-card

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Gift idea. The value of the Gift Card is indicated in the image and is selected using the side buttons.

Transport costs are excluded, the voucher must be used within the expiry date, can be spent only once and it's not refundable. Cards purchased online can only be used online.

Currency: euros.

Not combinable with other discounts.

The Gift Card must be used within 60 days of its issue and the date cannot be extended. Once the validity period has elapsed, the Gift Card can no longer be used or refunded, even partially within that period, as a waiver by the user.
The Gift Card does not entitle you to a refund or the change in cash and once used, even partially, it is cancelled, without the right to issue a new Gift Card for the difference. With its use it is not possible to purchase a new Gift Card.

You will receive an email with the Gift card to be printed and as soon as our offices receive payment for your order. You will also receive the code use the discount online.
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  • Istruzioni per il lavaggio

  • Composizione

    gift card virtuale

  • Consigliata per:

    Regalo ideale per chi non conosce la taglia o il colore

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  • Come indossare LIOD

    L'abbigliamento Liod ha una vestibilità aderente e non contiene elastomero. Si adatta alla vostra forma fisica dolcemente, senza comprimere i muscoli durante l'attività fisica.

  • Curiosità

    Lo sapevi che le maglie della linea a tinta unita sono più lunghe delle normali maglie in commercio? Questo è utile per avere pancia e schiena coperti in qualsiasi movimento! Lo stesso vale per i nostri pantaloni: hanno la vita alta per proteggere meglio.