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Co...Scienza (Science)

Thanks, Dersu; how could have I done without you?” “Togeter we go, togeter we go; is not necessary thanks”

Starting with the quote of the famous Siberian guide Dersu Uzala, a non-educated man, but clever and with geniously solutions for men's survival in the land of Siberia; immortalized in a film about his life and adventures by the well-known director Akira Kurosawa ("Dersu Uzala"), we will try to share with you our social commitment for the environment around us.


International projects:

1) Brand Valtellina Firm (Marchio Impresa Valtellina)




Our firm has been rewarded of Marchio Impresa Valtellina and certified RSL (Responsabilità Sociale Locale) which means Local Social Responsibility.

The brand Valtellina Firm, that will be also printed on our packaging, has been released from the Chamber of Commerce of Sondrio, because our firm:

"Take care about social responsibility and works to improve the local well-being, the social and cultural and also the environmental aspects"


2) Project Lights of HESSDALEN

Some years ago Dr. Renzo Cabassi get in touch with us and started to ask informations about LIOD garments. Many young students with him, were planning a project about a new stable station in Hessdalen, which is in Norway, to study and get responses about strange phenomenon with unknown explanation.

Those studied lasted form many years and they monitored continuously, day and night, all the events in the Valley, to give a scientific response.

If you want to read further informations, we invite you to click the following links:

Recently Italian channel 2, in the program “Voyager”, has been transmitted the results of this mission. You can watch the video at the following link:


What's the link with LIOD?
Well... We have worn with LIOD garments Dr. Jader and Dr. Franco and maybe some other people.
Maybe some of their scientific results were obtained thanks to the warmth of the garments. Who knows?


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