The idea came up during the first period of Covid in Italy.
In the Liod laboratories we were all busy producing masks, due to the huge market demand.
There have been intense moments, full of work and our friends from Bergamo (at the beginning the most affected area) called us to ask for masks, as they were closed at home without any possibility of going out. Unfortunately it was impossible to deliver any product, because of the total blockage of couriers. We had no other choice.
Thoughts went to all the children who were observing and listening to adults, media and tv, trying to understand what was happening. It is not easy to explain to children what a pandemic is or why we all must wear masks and be very careful not to embrace people.

To alleviate this situation, however, trying to tackle the problem with simple words, the author of the book thought of writing and illustrating, with the collaboration of an expert designer, a small booklet, also suitable for kids.

This has been possible also with the sponsorship made by LIOD.
That's how the illustrated book was born: SILA, MIKI AND AGATA - Three friends with one mission.

Sila Miki and Agata illustrated book

An adventure that frames the fantastic drawings portraying animal friends committed to helping people. How? Well, it's only by reading the book that you will find out ...

The target:

The donations will be donated to charity to the MAPO Onlus association (Association of Friends of Piccola Opera) located in Traona (SO), which welcomes children and minors in difficulty.
The project can be followed on this page, which we will update step by step. You will be able to see the numbers, the proceeds and what the association will decide to achieve thanks to your donations.

Fundraising Plan:

The original idea: Based on the amount collected, the association has decided to use the funds to finance the laboratories through the purchase of materials and tools useful for kids.

What happened: During winter the boiler suddently stopped to work so we agreed to use most part of the donations as a contributor to buy the new one. A less amount of money of course was used to buy pencils, markers and paints for kids.

We have raised € 3140,00 thanks to your donations!

...and as promised we post the pictures:

Sila project


Thanks from the MAPO association and obviously from the Liod team!

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