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Wearing Liod on a motorbike

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Oleg the Russian biker that travelled around the world wearing Liod

A world world tour that lasted more than 4 years and in which Liod also took part, supporting the motorcyclist in his journey every day

Oleg Kharitonov, the Russian biker who managed to travel around the world on his motorcycle, wore Liod clothing throughout his journey, thanks to the invaluable help of the official distributor Liod for Russia.

In particular:

Oleg Kharitonov for Liod

During his adventures he faced the most diverse climates: he went from Russia (starting and ending point) to Portugal, the USA, crossing coast-to-coast all states, in South America and even in Africa.

His adventure, however, had to stop temporarily in China for security reasons.
His experiments to find the most suitable clothing for this long solo journey started much earlier.
In fact, Oleg, had to travel for many hours on his motorcycle, so he was looking for thermal clothing that was breathable and easy to wash, but above all he was interested in having a quick drying time. After various tests carried out comparing clothes from different brands, the choice fell on Liod thermal underwear.

Liod Kearsage

The excellent breathable and thermoregulating properties of the material, have allowed a constant use both during the day and at night, passing from the most rigid climates, up to the hot and high humid African temperatures.

We must think of Liod not only for winter use, but also for summer use with high humidity levels. In fact, the light fabric turns out to be ideal to remain always dry and avoid the ills caused by temperature changes.

Oleg Kharitonov in Africa

Undoubtedly also practicality and convenience in washing (by hand with simple soap, as the washing machine was not always available...) have helped Oleg to make choice. Being antibacterial it does not require special machine detergents or drying: simply squeezing and hanging it to notice that water slides away quickly. The garments were immediately ready to be worn, naturally, without being ironed.

Oleg's journey has added a new necessary step in April 2016, in fact our headquarters in Morbegno have been transformed for a few days into "Official Stage of his journey". Together with the local motorcyclists of the Retzi motorcycle group, we welcomed him with open arms in our corner of Valtellina, where he told us his story, and shown us the sensational images taken around the globe.

Oleg at LiodOleg at LiodOleg at Liod

Moments of joy and fun have been interchanged with great fear, especially in Africa when it was found positive for malaria. Fortunately, everything went in the right direction, as resolved in the best way and he was able to resume his journey on the road with grit, devouring kilometer by kilometer.


You can test on your own the excellent quality of Liod thermal clothing. The entire selection, ranging from knitwear to trousers and socks, is divided into different types of weight: from the lightest to the heaviest. The models vary according to size and can be divided into men, women and children (from 2 years upwards).

Oleg's traveling journey ended in August 2018 with a welcome-back ceremony in his hometown, Moscow (Russia), where friends, relatives and followers waited for him to celebrate!


A beautiful adventure that kept us in suspense.


We followed our athlete around the world, reading all the details of his travels, the funny stories and the saddest ones that made us know different cultures and people.

After all, Liod is also this: following athletes in their journeys with technical garments, sharing stories that come from the most remote corners of the world and embrace the freedom.


... and if you have a story as a protagonist with Liod, share it with us by writing to! You could see it published!

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