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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1) Are there any batteries in the t-shirt?

Yes, there is a small battery inside.

2) How long does the battery work?

Approximately 4 months

3) How do you change it?

As a simple battery

4) There is a service fee? If yes, how much?

Currently we have no provision for fees

5) How does the system understand that you fell down?

The smart t-shirt Sisale perceives the fall and within a minute if the person does not move, the system sends an alarm to the control center Sisale.

Later it sends an SMS to the mobile phone of the friend / family wrote during the registration.

6) There are situations where the alarm may go without reason?

No, there aren't

7) Does it require mobile phone coverage to work and launch the help message?

Yes, it does

8) Does it require a phone near, which "hook" to work?

Yes, since it uses the phone's GPS

9) How can I wash the t-shirt?

It is machine washable without problems, as a normal LIOD garment

10) How much does the T-shirt cost?

There are two types: short sleeve made with heavy fabric LIOD costs € 135.00, the model long sleeve with zip and collar in heavy fabric LIOD costs EUR 148.00

11) If you fall down in a different position (as the video) signal takes the same?

Yes it does. The important thing is that the phone is close to the vest.

12) What kind of phones does it require?

It is available for:

- From the iPhone 4s, with the version 7.0 ,
- Android from version 4.3 onwards

13) Is the app free?
Yes, it is.
14) If the phone does not have signal?
There is the possibility of using the system Sisale even with a satellite phone.
15) Who can see my paths?
The paths could be seen only from people with your account details (username and password). The registration lets you check your path and download it.
16) How do I register?
Directly from the app, using your data and the phone number of a person to contact in case of emergency.
17) Where is the smart t-shirt sold ?
You can find the smart t-shirt Sisale LIOD in our stores or online on the website

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