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An idea comes from a need, by the attention given to the words, perceived from a dialogue, the difficulties presented by one or many people.

When something that has no body, but which continues to blend into your brain processes in an idea then it becomes a project.

And this project is called SISALE.

When you're in front of people who love the mountains and tell you with enthusiasm their adventures, sometimes bizarre and sometimes funny, and others dramatics, one wonders how today's technology can be applied in order to help man in his limits.
Here we got the idea to have a technological shirt, bacause LIOD is already technic.

But how could we build up this not simple project?

The coincidence was to have known Dr Poretta, head of the Science and Technology Park of Lomazzo ComoNExT, where they are working with the most advanced companies.
After several months of study for the feasibility of the project, it was necessary to find the appropriate company to develop the project, and this was not an easy task.
There has been proposed the name of SIRES, the benchmark in Italy for research, invention, innovation and enhancement of high-tech platforms.
SIRES had already carried out similar devices for the Italian Red Cross and, in the person of Pini, has enthusiastically embraced the opportunity to develop our idea even if he had to start from the beginning.

We've had months and I assure you several months of  tests, but in the end we had the chance to see in "action the first prototype."

Now, after almost a year and a half we can bring this device of public utility, available for all.

The cooperation between LIOD and SIRES has allowed us to realize a small idea and turn it into a reality and advanced technology appropriate for our times!

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