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Applications of Fiber

The fabric used for LIOD garments is completely different from other synthetic fabrics that can be found on the market: in fact, it is processed in several stages, so as to make it softer and more insulating, thus enhancing its already excellent thermoregulation properties.
This process, impossible to use on products with discontinuous yarn, such as Meraklon (commercial name given by Enimont for their PP discontinuous yarn product) may increase the final cost, but it makes an unparalleled fabric.

Lets clarify the difference between continuous and discontinuous yarn:

DISCONTINUOUS YARN is produced using yarns that do not have a constant diameter and therefore cannot be used as they are. They are cut and spun again to obtain a yarn as homogeneous in diameter as possible.
This product has numerous drawbacks, among which are the impossibility of having a yarn thin enough for the subsequent realization of lightweight fabrics, the considerable formation of pilling, that is, the little "balls" which are formed on the fabric, especially at the points of greatest wear, and the subsequent felting of the fabric.

CONTINUOUS YARN is formed by numerous thin "burrs", has a constant diameter and therefore does not share the drawbacks of discontinuous yarn.
This allows for the realization of lightweight fabrics which can be processed in a second step, which would be impossible to perform with discontinuous yarn.
Fabrics made in this way DO NOT PRESENT the phenomenon of PILLING or of felting.

This is the yarn that LIOD uses for its clothing!

It is for this, and also for the considerable experience both inherited and accumulated over time, that LIOD products are unique in their field.

Anyone who encounters a LIOD garment for the first time is amazed and astounded by the fact that a fabric so light can have such elevated technical characteristics.

LIOD technical garments are unmatched by others and are the only produced entirely by the same company in ITALY: FROM THE FABRIC TO THE FINISHED GARMENT - ALL ITALIAN PRODUCTION CHAIN.

We are sure to interpret your thoughts and especially your curiosity, so, in addition to the video that you can view on our Home Page, below we illustrate the processing phases of a LIOD garment prior to your wearing it:

100% PP yarn spool


Weaving machines

Raw fabric - Finished fabric









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