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Why choose Liod

Given the fact that LIOD is made of 100% PP, this yarn, for its indisputable advantages, was chosen from among other fibers in those countries (Northern Europe and the United States) where problems of adverse weather conditions and temperature are felt more.
Let us explain in technical terms the particularities of this wonderful fiber.
It is of fundamental importance, especially in winter or in cold climates, to have clothing with optimal insulating ability, that retains body heat.
The thermal insulation of a fabric depends on the amount of air trapped between its fibers and this is related to the construction of the fabric: a fluffier fabric will have a better thermal insulation capacity.
That's why LIOD performs a particular, exclusive process, which makes the fabric "hairier" both inside and outside, and it is for this reason that, compared to others, it is more insulating.
Because the greatest inventions of man have been inspired by nature, also LIOD, by observing it, was inspired.
A good example is given by the thick undercoat characteristic of all animal species that live in the cold climates.

Ability to retain heat

Ability to retain heat wool cotton polypropylene nylon polyester acrylic.
As you can see from the graph, the LIOD garment has an insulating capacity equal to that of wool.

During sports it is important to stay dry, both in summer and winter. LIOD garments in 100% PP, due to their structure, do not absorb water and the quantity of moisture that they retain is insignificant, when compared to other natural or synthetic fibers, due to their outstanding ability to transfer moisture externally.
LIOD clothing is great in the summer because it is able to evaporate perspiration from the skin, giving you a feeling of comfort and freshness.

Permeability to water vapor

wool cotton polypropylene nylon

1) Holds heat

2) Ejects steam

3) Water repellent

The rapid drying of a LIOD garment is superior to all of the fibers listed, which is very useful when camping, on excursions, when travelling, but also at home. This is very convenient and important, as it is enough to wash the item in the evening to have it dry the next morning!

LIOD garments do not bind chemically with other substances, so dirt does not penetrate into the fibers, it remains on the surface. For washing, a little detergent and a low temperature (30°C, but even up to 60°C will not alter its characteristics) is all that is needed, and in this way we pollute less and save on the electricity bill, too!
The white color, over time, remains white and does not yellow, and sometimes just a hand wash with "Marseille" soap in cold or hot water is enough.
Important: LIOD garments do not lose color or absorb it in the washing cycle, so you can machine wash them with clothing of different colors without drawbacks.
They are resistant to mold and bacteria, brackish water and even battery acid!
If ripped the hole does not enlarge.


Another advantage of wearing a LIOD garment is its light weight.
For a better understanding well use an example: a short sleeve polyester T-shirt weighs about 270 grams while a LIOD T-shirt, like this model, weighs about 150 grams, so:

This means that, for example, for trekking, you have more garments available in case of need and your backpack is much lighter. Not only that, the retention of heat is also higher.

specific weight


Because of the chemical nature of PP, LIOD garments in 100% PP do not cause allergic reactions on the skin and mucous membranes, even in sensitive individuals. So much so that they are recommended for those who suffer from psoriasis or are allergic to dust mites.

The production of this fiber is absolutely ecological! In fact it does not cause any kind of chemical or thermal pollution.
The mass coloration system, as opposed to the dyeing process of all other fibers, produces no colored waste water, which is highly polluting.
Do not forget the washing method above in the section "resistance to stains."
There may be some refuse in both the spinning and packaging processes, but it is 100% recyclable.
In this regard we would like to inform you that LIOD, very sensitive to this aspect, has been honored by the Lombardy Region with the ECOPRODOTTO award.


PILLING: the particular yarn used by LIOD is very resistant to friction and wear, and in particular, being a continuous fiber, it will not pill.

ABRASION: Very resistant to breakage and elongation, qualities that remain unchanged even when wet, unlike with other fibers.
DURATION: a LIOD garment is guaranteed to retain all of its features, including the color, for 2 years, and may have a much longer duration, up to 10-15 years (if properly cared for).

In 2009, the 20th year of LIOD, we had the pleasure of meeting some of our first customers with the first LIOD garments on the market: a bit wrinkled, but perfectly usable.

For this reason some of our large distributors have given personal guarantees to their customers for a full 5 YEARS, a testament to the quality of the product!
PRICE: initially the price may seem a little expensive, but we will make a comparison with a cotton garment:

100% cotton t-shirt 15.00
duration 1 season
price 15

LIOD Abaska t-shirt € 35,00
duration 10 years (average)
price € 3,50

Consider also the characteristics of heat retention, dryness, non-elongation, and the need for little water and detergent in the wash.


LIOD garments are ideal for virtually all sports, and although initially intended for those who practice winter sports in the mountains, those same customers extended the range of their use.

As a consequence, the garments are ideal also for work, especially for those whose activities are outdoors.

We recommend our products also for household use, as their comfort and practicality are ideal at home, and by wearing them you can turn down the heat during the winter, staying warm and dry, a very good thing from an economic standpoint and for health.

Of no less importance is when, after or during a sports activity, one remains stationary. Although sweaty, being a breathable fabric, it immediately brings out moisture leaving you dry and warm, avoiding the risk of being affected by cold drafts.
Important and not to be underestimated, it is an excellent material for children, always in motion, always sweaty and many times even "uncovered." Its shape allows for both the back and the abdomen to be always covered. You can use it also as pajamas, without the thought of getting up to cover them during the night.

Do not forget also the elderly who are at home reading, watching television or engaging in hobbies where movement is limited, and with a metabolism that leads them to always feel cold. The LIOD garment will help in the retention of heat.

Last, and not least, in purchasing a LIOD product you can be sure to have a product entirely MADE IN ITALY, since it is the only product made in ITALY BY THE SAME COMPANY, FROM THE FABRIC TO THE FINISHED GARMENT - more precisely we can say that it is AN ALL-ITALIAN PRODUCTION CHAIN.

Finally, we can only say: try it!

The best way to convince you is the direct use of a garment, and then you to will tell your friends and acquaintances about it.
Skinwear for specialists, not only to wear on the skin but it is "for the skin," so much so that once you wear it you will prefer it to other brands!

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