LIOD, the underwear for sports! 100% Made in Italy  

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  • Liod mask
    Liod mask
    10,00 €

    Breathing mask made of 100% polypropylene - made in Italy by...

  • Brina baby
    Brina baby
    12,00 €

    Heavyweight fiber to keep your head always dry

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Discover the fiberDiscover the fiber
Polypropylene - PP technical code - is a polymer, from the greek many parts, discovered by the scholar Prof. Giulio Natta, who with German Professor Karl Ziegler who together were awarded in 1963 the Nobel Prize for chemistry...

Application of FiberApplications of Fiber
The fabric that is used for heads LIOD is completely different from other similar objects that can be found on the market: in fact, is processed in several stages, in order to make it more insulating and softer, thus exalting...

Choose LiodWhy choose Liod
Given the fact that LIOD is made of 100% PP, this yarn, for its indisputable advantages, was chosen from among other fibers in those countries (Northern Europe and the United States) where problems of adverse weather conditions and temperature...

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