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The Origins of LIOD

Finding the appropriate words to describe the engineer F. Scotti is not easy, above all for the fact that he himself was, as are many geniuses, a man of few words, because his mind was in a continuous process of demonstrating in practice his ideas.

Trieste apparecchiature eseguite dall'Ing. ScottiStabilimento Concorezzo, Lavori eseguiti dall'Ing. Scotti

The electrical equipment of the crane in the harbot of Trieste was developed by Engineer Scotti

Concorezzo plant Work carried out by Engineer Scotti

The first meeting took place in the offices of Reziafil, a company that produced PP yarn. I would say that it was very brief, although I would have liked a more extensive discussion, as is my habit.
Only a few days before Maria had entrusted us with the brand LIOD, and my interview with her father was a reassurance that the Lorain company would be able to continue this process, from fabric to finished garment, something all new to us.
His response, between one cigarette and another (he was a chain smoker), was very short: YES!
And so began our LIOD adventure, which I will recount from the very beginning.

In 1987, Mr. Fernando Scotti, with constant experimentation and study of polypropylene fiber, was able to obtain an excellent raw material ready to be marketed, albeit with great difficulty.
At that time the most popular fibers were wool, cotton and polyester.
Thus was born the need to present to customers the use of his innovation, by creating clothing to offer to potential customers for them to test.
His work/study within the company "REZIAFIL" did not allow space to expand this branch.
The insistence of Mr. Scotti toward his daughter Maria, to put into practice what he had achieved, compelled her to abandon a most likely brilliant career in urban architecture at the university level and venture into the textile field.
Her volcanic and optimistic character allowed her to accept this change with positivity and she immediately began headlong to create something different, never tried and futuristic.
Her passion for dogs and especially the nordic breed and primitive Alaskan Malamute served as a conjunction.

Alaskan Malamute by Maria Scotti

Book written in 1993 by Maria Scotti on the breed Alaskan Malamute - De Vecchi Editor.
She was considered an expert of this breed.

Enthusiastic about the quality of the coat that nature had given to her dogs, she began searching for the same conditions for the humans that often accompany them in places where temperatures drop to extreme limits.

Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan Malamute

Her goal was to create clothing that would prevent snow melting from the bodys temperature from reaching the skin, maintain thermal comfort, and that was light weight and fast drying, much like the hair of dogs.
Polypropylene reflected these qualities and the evolutionary direction of the company in which she had been thrown, with executive positions, gave her the opportunity to realize what, in the meantime, had become a dream.
There followed years of theoretical study and practical tests, sometimes disappointing, sometimes funny and often exceptionally positive.
At the end of the eighties, Maria was able to start harvesting the fruits of her exciting study.
At this point an appropriate brand name that would reflect all of this was needed.
It had to be something simple, sweet, a brand that reflected her beloved dogs, but at the same time combats the cold.
Here the choice of a logo fell upon a photograph of an Inuit in the company of his Alaskan malamute "Wooly Bully", recognized 250 times as best of breed.
As for the name: What was better than "Ice"?
But this was too "cold" ... she opted for a sweeter translation, in Russian: LIOD (лёд).


Confident of her work, in 1989 she left her management responsibilities at Reziafil and opened her "shop", completely devoting herself to the realization of garments in 100% polypropylene, the first in the world for this type of work.
The few garments marketed bore and still bear the name of Alaskan Malamute dogs, such as:
GRIPP, long trousers and KEARSAGE, long sleeve top with zip, dogs who have crossed the South Pole with Admiral Byrd
CILA, sleeveless top, the favorite dog of Maria
GHIBLI, fleece jacket, which at first was called WOOLY BULLY
ABASKA short sleeve T-shirt

Ghibli and Maria ScottiAdmiral Byrd

Ghibli and Maria - Plaque in memory of admiral Byrd, for his expeditions to the south pole

To promote the product, samples were given to members of mountaineering expeditions and employees of ski areas in exchange for a detailed report.
The material had already been used successfully by the C.N.S.A. (National Alpine Rescue Corps) delegation, by various SKI SCHOOLS and by the NATIONAL MENS DOWNHILL SKI TEAM (De Zolt, Albarello etc ...).
It had also been used in the mountaineering expedition "Lombardia '88 Masherbrum to the West, in the Karakorum, in the spring '89 expedition to Everest and Dhaulagiri, and in the expedition, again to Everest, in the spring of '91 (the latter, as the former, was headed by expedition leader Oreste Forno and was a great success).

This is what Oreste Forno wrote in his report on his undergarments:


A) UNDERGARMENTS (T-shirt and long underwear)

Compliments! The garment is truly well-made. We wore it from the beginning to the end of both expeditions. It is warm, practical, very breathable, and therefore does not become wet with perspiration. It dries very quickly after washing and maintains its original characteristics. If the product should be launched, I believe it will find space on the market.
Thank you again for the collaboration. In the next few days I will send you photographs of the product in use.
Cordially, Oreste Forno:

Although at first there was skepticism in a garment so light, once field-tested, positive feedback was not long in coming.

Undoubtedly, the product is good!
The goal had been reached and like all things that Maria did, once she reached a goal it was passed with enthusiasm to those who she believed could complete it for her, without damaging the image.
In 1994, after several entreaties on her part, Maria provided us with the know-how to produce both the yarn and the fabric, with the motivation to develop it over the whole Italian territory, with full confidence in a company known for its seriousness and success in the textile field.
And Maria? (We continue to refer to her as Maria instead of the more formal title Dr. Maria Scotti, even though she carried that title. Her reserved nature never allowed us to use Dr. in front of her name!)
She realized her dream: now she had the time to devote herself exclusively to her beloved dogs!
For us she was a valuable and irreplaceable collaborator, until 2009, when she joined in the company of her faithful friends that had always accompanied her.

Maria, Taro and Buria
Maria with her favorites: Taro e Buria, in the middle of the wilderness.

It was not easy for Lorain, starting from scratch, to maintain the high level of the LIOD name - which, in the year 1993, with the closure of Reziafil, a manufacturer of PP yarn directed by Mr. Fernando Scotti, had some difficulty in finding a yarn that was equal to the level of the one already created.
With tenacity and with the fact that we could not disappoint a dear friend who had placed her full confidence in us, slowly and in small steps, without giving up even when there were failures, we improved the product to the quality level it has reached at the present.
It was on this occasion that Maria pronounced, in reference to us, "The student has surpassed the master."

LIOD Packaging

In 2009, along with Maria, we delivered the 20° LIOD T-shirt (on the occasion of 20 years of the brand), to Mrs Sofia Galbani in Scotti, her mother, an achievement of a goal that we were honored to celebrate.

T-shirt 20 years LIOD20 years LIOD

Delivery of the 20th anniversary t-shirt to Mrs. Sofia Galbani Scotti (1989-2009)

In these years the road traveled has always been in search of the best.
In our journey, with the passage of time, other companies have tried to imitate LIOD products, but the research and development we have done in 24 years is difficult to copy in a few days!

We can assure you that LIOD is incomparable for the choice of yarn and above all for the unique and exclusive process used to produce fabric.

As for the future, you can help us to tell it, by wearing LIOD garments and sharing your thoughts about them!

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